"Muebles El Paraíso: A Vision of the Future".

Furniture El Paraíso
was born from the futuristic vision and the passion for the quality and
of its founder, Don Cosme Bibanko Aristaran. With a dream to revolutionize the world of furniture, Don Cosme began building what is today one of the world’s furniture companies most respected large y respected of Euskadi, with a wide national diffusion thanks to the online world.


“Muebles El Paraíso: The expansion of a successful concept”.

What started as a small furniture store in the town of Zalla, quickly became a pioneer in innovative design. Zalla-Vizcaya quickly became a pioneer in the field of furniture. large furniture surface The company’s innovative design, always at the forefront of technology and with an eye on the latest trends, has always been at the forefront of the market. design more innovative. But Don Cosme was not satisfied with that. As the world changed and technology advanced, Don Cosme saw the opportunity to take the company to the next level. Muebles El Paraíso to the next level, constantly expanding its offer and surface area, and participating in the most important national and European trade fairs in the sector.


“Muebles El Paraíso: Don Cosme’s legacy and the online revolution.”

Over time, Don Cosme decided to pass the baton to his sons, Aitor, Cosme and Lorena, who have continued to expand the business and take Muebles El Paraiso to new heights of success children Aitor, Cosme and Lorena, who have continued to expand the business and take Muebles El Paraiso to new heights of success. new heights of success. In addition to expanding the business, they were pioneers in the digital world being one of the first companies to venture into the online furniture online world in the sector, opening its online stores of furniture and later in decoration and gifts.


“Muebles El Paraíso: a dream come true”.

Thanks to the dedication and vision of Don Cosme and his sons, Furniture El Paraíso is still one of the most important reference company in the furniture and the decoration offering its customers the best quality and a wide variety of options to give a unique touch to their homes. This is the story of how a vision of the future became a reality and has become a leading company in its sector.

Meet the Muebles El Paraíso StoryLine


El Paraiso Furniture Foundation

Cosme Bibanko Aristaran founded Muebles El Paraiso in 1962, after working in the furniture industry and studying the market. From the beginning, the company has focused on offering quality furniture at affordable prices.



Growth and expansion

Muebles El Paraiso experienced tremendous growth during the 1970s, allowing it to expand. The company is known for its innovation and for offering a wide variety of furniture styles, which makes it very popular with a wide range of customers.


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